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UFC 211 Live: Miocic vs dos Santos 2 Online Fight preview and predictions

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For a time fans placed their hopes in the Brazilian Dos Santos that he was the man to rule the heavyweight class for a longer term than anyone else. The card is headlined by a heavyweight title fight between champion Stipe Miocic and Junior dos Santos and a women’s strawweight championship bout with champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade. Odds courtesy of Stratosphere sportsbook  Stipe Miocic defends his UFC heavyweight title Saturday night against former champion Junior dos Santos in the headline match of UFC 211 in Dallas. The title of ‘baddest man on the planet’ is up for grabs in the main event as reigning heavyweight champion Miocic defends his strap in a rematch with former champ Junior dos Santos. If heavyweight champion  Stipe Miocic  and women’s strawweight champ  Joanna Jedrzejczyk  have their way, UFC could be right back in the thick of it as it heads towards its most important time of the year. Saturday night in Dallas, UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic attempts to defend his belt for the second time in a dangerous rematch with Brazilian former champion Junior dos Santos.


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ufc 211 live stream Will be  Whenever Benson Henderson hung out on Masvidal’s hips along the fence, he was fed an unpleasant diet of those notquitedownward elbows to the side of his dome. Starting with his back almost to the fence, Khabilov makes sure that he is shooting into as much empty space as possible and that the opponent will not hit the fence prematurely and use it to hold himself up as he fights for grips. It is when he is floating over his opponent’s guard or tripoded over the opponent against the fence that he can create movement and then those years of experience and beautiful transitions can actually come into play. Grabbing the single, hitting the fence and immediately finishing the takedown as he did against Condit is ideal, but he is just as happy to dive underneath his man and pull them on top of him. The fence is rarely a part of Khabilov’s offensive gameplan. Miocic is better at sticking to his opponent, more effective at exploiting the openings his opponent gives him against the fence, and dangerous on the counter when his opponent attempts to get some respect with strikes to back him off. In recent fights Demian Maia has used the expectation of the opponent making space and attempting to get up along the fence to take the back. The dynamic of the first fight played out around Miocic knowing he had to get in dos Santos’s face, and dos Santos knowing he had to stay off the fence and keep Miocic at distance. Khabilov’s most successful moments of grappling came from grabbing a single and running Masvidal to the fence though.

How watch ufc 211 live   UFC 211 takes place Saturday night at American Airlines Center in Dallas live on Pay Per View at 10 pm. Saturday night, the UFC returns from a short recess with UFC 211. With that, let’s take a look at the night of fights and make some predictions. On Episode 5 of UFC 211 Embedded, the athletes continue to train for their Saturday night showdowns.

Its time to watch UFC 211  Grapplers fear his longarmed boxing, strikers fear his wrestling, wrestlers fear his grappling. However, Miocic has better footwork and a more refined wrestling game. Both men want to throw fists and tend to keep the fight standing thanks to tremendous defensive wrestling ability. “The Phenom” has gotten better in his defensive wrestling and is now at a point where only some of the higherend grapplers in the division can take him down consistently. Stipe has a slight edge in wrestling, JDS in boxing, but overall they’re pretty much two very evenly matched up fighters, making this even harder to predict. This strong wrestling game is used in a secondary capacity, as Miocic can shoot in for a takedown or feint to open up his opponent to his hands. This fight can play out a couple ways, one with dos Santos keeping it at range and winning a striking battle, or a closerange fight in which Miocic can use his superior wrestling. Maia’s wrestling is still scary good everywhere always, but we saw Rory Mac defend it playing a game Masvidal is very capable of. Miocic edges dos Santos on the ground due to his wrestling background and is the more athletic of the two fighters. Her defensive wrestling is almost impenetrable, aside from Claudia Gadelha who is the best wrestler in the division by a wide margin, due in part to her aggression. He’s got the wrestling to take Yair down and the grappling to stay safe working positions on the ground. The technical aspects are coming slowly and he is still learning the difference between wrestling and MMA grappling. With her strength and wrestling ability, Andrade likes to force her opponent to the cage on the ground to limit their scrambling options. There’s going to be a lot of fun grappling exchanges in this one, but I think the bout boils down to the distinct wrestling advantage that Skelly has over Knight.

UFC officials confirmed that Gordon was off the card under advice from a physician and his bout with Michel Quinones has been scrapped. The UFC also released a statement on Gordon being hospitalized and removed from the UFC 211 card. BT Sport 2 are showing the fight card live with coverage beginning at 0100 on Sunday May 14. Just one day out from UFC 211, another fight has been nixed from the card. The rest of the card is absolutely loaded, with four other fights that could realistically be title eliminators. Live on payperview, the card boasts two title fights in the headlining bouts, as well as numerous stars and former champions scattered throughout the card. UFC 211 lost its second fight when Jared Gordon was hospitalized this morning before weighins and taken off the card. One fight was removed from the card before the weighins, as Jared Gordon was forced to the hospital. “The Answer” had helped lobby for the sport to be regulated in New York over the years and badly wanted to be a part of the first card in the city. Weighins for Saturday’s UFC 211 card went down earlier in the day, as both title fights are official. Unfortunate incident for Gordon who will surely look to get back on another upcoming UFC card. Quinones cancelled, UFC 211 moves forward with 12 total bouts on the card. In the best card of the year thus far for the UFC, the event features a deep and significant selection of fights. SportsLine MMA expert High Citron previews the card and offers betting selections. UFC 211 is Saturday in Dallas and is being lauded as the best card of the year. The full card is on Saturday May 13 in Dallas, Texas, which means it is shown live early morning on Sunday May 14 in the UK. While the early weighins have often resulted in numerous misses since first being instituted last June, UFC 211 didn’t see anyone come in over the limit on Friday. Jared Gordon was set to make his UFC debut at UFC 211. Gordon was just bumped up to the FX prelims for UFC 211 following an injury to Henry Cejudo earlier this week that canceled his fight with Sergio Pettis on the main card. The scheduled featherweight bout between Gordon and Michael Quinones at UFC 211 has been cancelled.

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